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Not just paint colours and cushions..

You might be wondering if you need an architect or an interior designer, or maybe you are thinking of taking on the design yourselves but need a professional to consult with.  A good interior designer will help the client decipher what they need an architect for and what they need an interior designer for so they don't end up doubling up on tasks.  Generally, the interior designer is responsible for the following:

  • Concept Design

  • Styling Directions

  • Space Planning

  • Bathroom Layout and Design

  • Overseeing Kitchen Layout and Design

  • 2D/3D Plans

  • Project Visualisations

  • Consulting with contractors, specialists and client

  • Specialist Finishes

  • Decorative Scheme

  • FF&E

  • Decorative lighting/all lighting

  • Integration

  • FF&E Installation

  • Final Dressing of the Space

  • Specialist Joinery

  • The supply of product and finishes schedules to trades

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